Print #001


Print #001

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The prints will be very high quality and will arrive to you ready to hang. The price above is the full price, including delivery. If these prices are too expensive for you, you can get standard prints, not framed or mounted for much cheaper.

The word substrate means the back of the product, in this case aluminium dibond.

Split Battens vs Subframe:

Split battens is a mounting system that is cheap and effective. It works by using two strips of wood - one mounted to the back of the substrate and one mounted to the wall. It is much heavier than a subframe mount, but unless you plan to move it frequently that shouldn’t matter. Subframe mounts are light and strong, and they hang on screws, which makes the mounting process easier. Subframe mounts are the better option, but they are more expensive, so there’s no right answer for everyone. Please contact me if you have any other questions.

Wall Mount Type:
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Here is a short video explaining dibond substrates.